INfinite Rx Party Poppers Macrodosing Mushrooms Capsules


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Why restrict yourself to a dull, uninteresting evening? You have many options for adding excitement and happiness to your mood. If you don’t like the flavor of dried magic mushrooms, INfinite Rx Party Poppers Macrodosing Mushrooms Capsules may be the right choice for you.

The most typical dose (one to two capsules) and the moderate dose (three to four capsules) should give you a trip lasting three to six hours.

15 capsules are contained in each container. A 500 mg mushroom combination is found in each pill.

Select from 3 available mushroom strains:

Party poppers from INfinite Rx Golden Teachers (G.T) Macrodosing Mushroom capsules have a somewhat potent psychedelic effect, making them an ideal first-timer mushroom. One of the most well-known and prevalent strains of magic mushrooms is the Golden Teacher kind. They are well recognized for its euphoric qualities, consistent trip, and shamanistic or spiritual effects. While offering fewer images, these mushrooms offer a vast range of perceptual experiences. 15 capsules are contained in each container. The amount of our Golden Teacher combination in each pill is 500mg.

With this unique strain, INfinite Rx Party Poppers Penis Envy (P.E) Macrodosing Mushroom Capsules will offer a life-altering experience because its psychoactive components can bring about intense shamanic interactions, vision quests, and a general mystic mood. These mushrooms’ great potency may also help with the symptoms of long-term ailments. Some claim to have experienced time dilation, synesthesia—the ability to “see” sounds and “feel” colors—hallucinations while their eyes are open or closed, and even stargates, fractal surfing, living geometry, cosmic entities, and even time travel. There are 15 capsules in each bottle, each containing 500 mg of our Penis Envy Mix.

party poppers finite Rx A.P.E. (Albino Penis Envy) Macrodosing Most reports claim that mushroom capsules have at least twice the strength of other P. Cubensis strains, making them one of the strongest rumored mushrooms. Anticipate subtle to significant visual improvements. You might notice that everything seems to be breathing, that nature seems to be more alive, and that you are thinking within. You will have a greater appreciation for music and art, and they will appear and feel differently. The music or artwork might speak to you on a more intimate way. This strain is appropriate for seasoned psychonauts; not for beginners! Use cautious before eating. 15 capsules are contained in each container. The amount of our Albino Penis Envy Mix in each capsule is 500mg.

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INfinite Rx Party Poppers Macrodosing Mushrooms Capsules

Golden Teachers(GT), Penis Envy(PE), Albino Penis Envy(APE)


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