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What are Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Caps, commonly referred to as Golden Teachers, are shrouded in secrecy. The history of this psychoactive mushroom is little understood. Several anecdotal accounts claim that the mushroom first appeared in the 1980s, but there is scant solid proof to support this. Golden Teachers command a sense of wonder with their elegant caramel colored stems and caps flecked with yellow.

Psilocybe cubensis, one of the most well-known hallucinogenic mushrooms in the world, is the source of the Golden Teacher (also known as GT Mushroom), a well-liked cultivated strain. The name refers to both the insight many users claim to have experienced and the light brown, yellowish, gold top caps of this strain (wild P. cubensis is typically a touch darker).


How to identify Golden Teachers Mushroom

All magic mushrooms called Golden Teacher have one or more of the following traits almost always:

  • Large, golden caps,
  • yellow speckles,
  • strong stems that are at least five inches tall,
  • a cap diameter of at least two inches, and
  • easy bruising are all present.

The effects of Consuming Golden Teachers Mushroom

A rather high psychedelic experience is provided by Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. The Golden Teacher is the best magic mushroom for people who are new to psychedelics due to its mildly high psychedelic effect. This is mostly because they can rely on the Golden Teacher for a positive and dependable psychedelic experience with a significantly lesser possibility of having a negative experience. Due to this, the Golden Teacher magic mushroom is frequently the best entry-level mushroom for people new to magic mushrooms.

These outcomes may include:

  • A sense of harmony and belonging to their environment
  • spiritual awakenings and intensely spiritual experiences
  • abrupt mood swings
  • A persistent sense of detachment or disconnect from the present reality is known as derealization.
  • Depersonalization, or the perception of being cut off from others around them
  • new, twisted, disorganized, or irregular mental patterns
  • Visualizations that are enhanced or magnified, such as when colors seem extremely bright or when other persons or objects are surrounded by halos of light
  • Significant spiritual advantages, including increased spiritual awareness and heightened senses,
  • greater personal development, and assistance with the treatment of cancer-related illnesses
  • Enhanced energy, alertness, and stimulation
  • Enhanced focus, concentration, and mindfulness
  • Cognitive advantages, like improved problem-solving
  •  Lessening of symptoms, like stress; improved interpersonal abilities

Typical negative effects include:

  • Pupil enlargement (93%).
  • Heart rate changes (100%) include increases (56%), reductions (13%), and inconsistent responses (31%)
  • Blood pressure changes (84%)
  • hypertension (28%), general instability (22%) and hypertension (34%).
  • Stretch reflex alterations (86%)—increases (80%), declines (6%).
  • Vomiting (44%)
  • Shaking (25%)
  • (16%) dysmetria (inability to properly direct or limit motions)


Instructions for using Golden Teacher magic mushrooms

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms should always be treated with the utmost respect because they are said to be psychedelics that have the power to heal the mind and spirit. When utilizing these psychedelics, individuals must always act responsibly and refrain from misusing the power they have.

To ensure a pleasurable and illuminating trip while taking Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, follow these helpful recommendations and crucial guidelines:
Follow the dosage instructions for Golden Teacher mushrooms.

  •  It is best to have a trip sitter present if you are a novice or first-time user of magic mushrooms when taking or ingesting Golden Teacher mushrooms. Throughout your trip and psychedelic adventure, a trip sitter will watch over you in a sober state, acting as a guide and support in case of any difficulties.
  • Even if you are a skilled user of cannabis or any other narcotic, it is crucial to avoid mixing Golden Teachers with either.
  • In case your dose is higher than you expected, keep some vitamin C on hand to assist you recuperate from the effects of your Golden Teacher excursion.
  • After your trip, drink a lot of water to help flush the psilocybin from your system. Additionally, this will hasten the process of returning you to your normal self.


How to Grow Golden Teachers

Given that it will fruit profusely on nearly any substrate and even in less-than-ideal circumstances, Golden Teacher is one of the easiest P. cubensis strains to grow. It’s an excellent option for novice growers. The strain’s later than average fruiting time is its lone disadvantage[iv]. The colonization process takes around two weeks, but it’s preferable to wait an additional week after it appears to be finished, just in case[v].

Golden Teacher, like the majority of P. cubensis strains, will grow well almost any way, but the approach must be used correctly; growers who play with hybrid teks but lack the ability to guide such experimentation frequently have subpar results.

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