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Dose MACRO ENVY Macrodose Psilocybin Capsules| Buy Penis Envy Capsules

Buy Penis Envy Capsules. DOSE MACRO ENVY is marketed as a mushroom that offers an incredibly euphoric, conspicuously visual, and profoundly introspective experience. Your choice of two unique organic blends contains 450 mg of Albino Penis Envy or 500 mg of Penis Envy (Psilocybe cubensis), which is only found in the fruiting bodies of this highly rare and challenging to cultivate psilocybin mushroom. Moreover, 50 mg of organic peppermint (mentha piperita) has been added to help soothe any potential stomach problems while reducing nausea or headaches. 15 vegan-friendly and gluten-free capsules are included in each container.

Recommemded use: Supports greater meditation, flow states, self-efficacy, increased mood positivity, mindfulness, introspective insights, and the relief of several negative disorders related to addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, OCD, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.


Organic Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) – 50mg Psilocybe cubensis (Albino Penis Envy or Penis Envy) – 450mg
15 capsules are contained in each container. Each capsule contains 500 mg (50 mg of organic peppermint, Mentha piperita, and 450 mg of albino penis envy, also known as penis envy or psilocybe cubensis).

Macrodosing Advantages |Buy Penis Envy Capsules

Higher Neuroplasticity
relationships are better and empathy is higher
profound inner reflection on oneself
understanding of how life is interconnected
an improvement in life quality and general wellbeing
According to reports based on investigations, macro sized doses used in a clinical environment include the following:

In the Johns Hopkins trial of psilocybin on cancer patients with depression, 70% of participants ranked their psychedelic experience among the five most profoundly spiritually significant and meaningful events of their lives.
In a six-month follow-up, 83% saw clinically significant drops in their levels of anxiety and sadness.


Avoid ingesting if you are expecting or nursing unless your doctor has given the all-clear. It is best to refrain from experimenting while carrying out significant and vital activities. Driving or using large machinery is not recommended at all.


Microdosing: Is it safe?| Effects of Microdosing

  1. People seldom ever mention having unpleasant or harmful consequences from a microdose. Most people discover a fresh outlook on life and mental clarity they haven’t had in a while. But, if a person takes too much of it, it might occasionally have a hallucinatory effect.
  2. Increased brain activity and increased living or physical activity can also lead to fatigue. As previously stated, following repeated use, a tolerance may develop. This can be avoided by taking frequent breaks and reset weeks.
  3. Following the consumption of their microdose, some people have experienced minor nausea. Ginger or activated charcoal supplements can sometimes help with this. Your body temperature may change more frequently than usual. Before using any psychedelic drugs, talk to your doctor if you have a heart or respiratory ailment, bipolar illness, schizophrenia, or if you’ve ever had psychosis.
  4. Individuals who are color blind occasionally report experiencing brief visual hallucinations or “after-image” rays. When attempting to comprehend and manage these new sensations, consciousness levels, and insights relating to their inner and outer worlds, for some people the absence of adequate integrative support may produce internal resistance.
  5. Psychedelics don’t make you dependent. Although though anything may become a habit, taking little amounts of psilocybin mushrooms can be one of the most naturally healing practices if you do it with intention, intuition, and the right kind of support.

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DOSE MACRO ENVY with Penis Envy, DOSE MACRO ENVY with Albino Penis Envy


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