How to make  mushroom chocolate bars

How to make  mushroom chocolate bars. As long as powdered psychedelic mushrooms are the foundation, shroom chocolates can be embellished in a variety of ways. Combine it with melted chocolate (chips, bars, melting chocolate disks). For preference, more components can be added in addition to these two. Simply add a handful if you enjoy coconut or raisins. Be cautioned, nevertheless, that any desired flavorings must be oil-based and heated separately. Your hot chocolate will become clumpy and difficult to work with if you add something cool to it.

This recipe’s level of intricacy is entirely up to the “cook.” You can easily adapt the extremely straightforward mushroom chocolate recipe that is provided below to suit your preferences.

The recipe yields 28 chocolates, each containing 1 gram of mushrooms and being roughly the size of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Ingredients| How to make  mushroom chocolate bars.

One 12-ounce package of chocolate chips or 12-ounces of your preferred meltable chocolate
One ounce of entheogenic mushrooms (dried)
4 tablespoons of crumbled honey-roasted cashews
2 tablespoons of coconut that has been chopped up
2 tablespoons of crushed toffee


Directions| How to make  mushroom chocolate bars.

  • Pick your preferred psilocybin.
  • Use a coffee grinder to reduce your well-dried mushroom(s) to a fine powder. Ensure that it is ground uniformly (you may grind a few batches separately to turn the entire ounce into powder).
  • Choose your favorite kind of chocolate.
  • Double-boil your chocolate to melt it.
  • (To double-boil: Half-fill a saucepan with water first. In order to prevent water from getting into the chocolate, place a metal or pyrex bowl over the pot so that the bottom half of the bowl is submerged in water. DO NOT overfill the bowl with water. Although it is possible to microwave chocolate, there is a significant chance that it will burn.)
  • Allow chocolate to cool to the touch but not become hard. (Caution: Burning hot objects may harm the mushrooms.)
  • Melted chocolate should be combined with the powdered mushrooms. To distribute the psilocybin evenly, be sure to properly whisk and break up any clumps of mushroom powder.
  • If desired, include more ingredients.
  • Mixture should be poured into molds, tiny paper cups, or a wax paper-lined pan (for molds and paper cups, pour 28 evenly distributed cups or compartments).
  • Let chocolate cool until it becomes brittle. Additionally, you can hasten the cooling process by putting the poured liquid in a pan with ice water or a refrigerator.
  • Cut the chocolate into 28 pieces if it was poured into a pan (adjust servings 1:1 per grams of mushrooms used).

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